Last known Google search query:

"how long before I die of dehydration?"

Khalee$i game so strong.
This was a great Aria/Hound episode. 
"Lots of people name their swords.""Lots of cunts."
I love this show and I hope it has the longevity of General Hospital. 
Also that fucking statue of Joffrey. 
Waiting for Game of Thrones. 
Whatever. #drawing #art #illustration #nude

7 Habits of Highly Unmotivated Fucks.

I’ve been having trouble gathering myself enough to really do anything productive (or at least anything I deem productive with my time.)
I blame the crippling depression, mostly.

Things I could be doing:

  • Drawing/working on colouring book stuff (I started outlines for one, but lost my steam.)
  • Go for a walk or hike (I don’t really feel like going outside, though it would probably make me feel a little better.)
  • Organize my shit.

Seriously, though, this depression. I feel so fucking horrid and awful.

I want to get myself out of this so I can work and get in my zone (DON’T LET ME GET IN MY ZONE) but I feel like I’m losing grasp on what I’m working for anymore.

My Brain and Other Stupid Things.

Particularly of concern or on my mind:

  • I should probably be less self-destructive.
  • I can’t fucking sleep. 
  • I assume that everyone hates me and thinks I’m awful.
  • It would be so cool to be a dolphin.
  • What is dying like?
  • How can I be more productive?
  • I will never be good enough.

I’m writing about my mental health stuff without much concern or apology; It’s not something I really feel embarrassed about. I’ve never NOT been depressed, and It’s kind of my thing. So why not Zoidberg?

I’m hoping for an upswing to come before I have to force myself into hypomania next month when I go back to work.

I suppose that’s what I’m doing now and until April - working on my upswing.


Okay, so I have insomnia, which leaves me sort of in this perpetual state of low frame rate and/or tripping balls. Between being up ALWAYS and not really having friends that I talk to, I figure I’d start writing on here in addition to posting my crappy drawings.

I’ve never been particularly good at writing or keeping a journal.
I think because I try to compartmentalize and edit everything, it kind of makes me rubbish at sharing anything.

Pen & Colour Pencil
Cecilia was the first to go.
Time flies when you’re falling down
Courtney Love
Pen & Colour-Pencil

Time flies when you’re falling down

Courtney Love

Pen & Colour-Pencil